Ref. Number: 1019

Country: Thailand

Period: 2nd to 14th Cent.

Material: Agathe & ceramic beads

Agathe & ceramic necklace

The central bead is an agate found in the Suphan Buri area of Thailand. Dating from the middle period of Thai prehistory  (from 1000 to 200 AD), it is characterized by a lovely swirl of white running through it’s middle portion.

The smaller beads that make up the rest of the necklace are ancient trade winds ceramic beads made in South-East Asia from the 8th to 14th Century. These particular ones have been found in the Sukhothai area of central Thailand.

The clasp has been cast and hand-knotted in the present time from 9 karat gold and then plated with 3 microns 18 carat gold.

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