Ref. Number: 1017 & 1018

Country: Thailand / Indonesia

Period: 2000 to 1500 years old

Material: Glass

Blue Glass Necklace

Blue Glass Earrings

Both the  larger and smaller beads are around 2500 years old, and originate from the prehistoric period of Thailand. The medium-sized beads are East Java  and are approximately 1000 to 1500 years old. Although the Thai beads have a similar look, the Javanese beads are made in a slightly different way.  The Javanese beads appear to be folded – not drawn or wound in their shaping. (see page 133 of “Magical Ancient Beads” by Jamey D. Allen).

The Thai beads pictured here are very similar to those that Robert Liu has illustrated on page 84 of “Collectible Beads”.

The clasp has been cast and hand-knotted in the present time from 9 karat gold that has been plated with 3 microns of 18 carat gold.

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