Ref. Number: 709

Country: China

Dimension: 11 x 13 cm

Earthnware storage jar

Rising from a flat, narrow, unfooted base, the jar expands gently until reaching the middle and the greatest width of the shoulders.  At the top, the relatively high neck of this container rises in  a very slightly flaring lip. The mouth of this jar is consistently wide enough to permit a human hand to be inserted. On either side of the vessel, placed evenly on the neck to contribute to the balance of the jar, are  2 lug handles that have been applied to the completed body, strong enough to have been used as anchors for a rope. This handmade, low-fired earthenware has been carefully burnished, probably effected with a stone, which has brought out the natural sheen of clay, notably plain, and elegantly undecorated.

The vessel is extremely lightweight and thin bodied proving that the techniques for coiling and then smoothing the vessels was a development that had been mastered by what could be the Ch’i-chia culture.

Earthenware jar

Earthenware jar

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