Ref. Number: 1060

Country: Vietnam

Period: 500 B.C.

Dimension: 3.6 x 3.8 x 1.5 cm

Sa Huynh Earring

Earring in stone, probably jadeite, with bulbous central body and three arrowhead protrusions. Certainly found at sites along central and southern coastal Vietnam, at locations which also exhibit a group of characteristics attributed to the metal age Sa Huynh Culture. Named after the type-site of Sa Huynh, a coastal village south of the city of Danang, sites associated with this culture are characterized by burials in large upright pottery urns, distinctive pottery forms bearing geometric decoration, and the presence of utilitarian iron and bronze implements. Carbon dating has placed the Sa Huynh Culture roughly contemporary with the better known Dong Son Culture of Northern Vietnam; that existed in the second half of the first millennium B.C.

Sa Huynh Earring

The three pronged earring application among the living had not previously been confirmed. The recent appearance of a unique Dong Son bronze dagger sheds new light on the identity of the original owners of this ornament. The handle of  the dagger consists of a warrior, clothed and with a coiffure style typical of the period in northern Vietnam. The figure is apparently in full battle dress, with an axe in the right hand and shield held ready in the left. Clearly visible in the left ear lobe are a pair of the three pronged earrings, side by side – confirming that this earring type was a male adornment.

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