Ref. Number: 984

Country: Thailand

Period: Sukhothai - 15th Cent.

Sukhothai Jar (recto)

The ceramics made in Thailand between the 13th and 15th centuries are among the less well-known achievements of Asian craftsmen, but new discoveries and research are bringing them to greater public attention.

Production began in the 13th century AD, possibly with the decline of Khmer ceramics. In the middle of the 16th century, production at Sukhothai was discontinued, possibly related to the wars between the kingdom of Ayuthaya and the Burmese, and the resurgence of Chinese ceramics.

It was primarily in the productive alluvial valleys of the central and northern areas, the geographic core area of the Thai kingdom of Sukhothai, where the ceramic industry was established. Sukhothai can be translated as Dawn of Happiness.

Knowledge of southeast Asian ceramics has been enhanced considerably during recent decades by scientific investigation of kiln sites in central Thailand and of the items retrieved from sunken ships in the South China Sea.

This jar has a wide flared mouth with two sturdy loop handles around the shoulder.

Sukhothai Jar (verso)

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