Ref. Number: 1054

Country: Thailand

Period: 15th cent.

Material: Bronze

Dimension: 7.5 x 3.8 x 3.8 cm

The Buddha is portrayed with a contemplative expression, arched eyebrows, aquiline nose, inlaid eyes, pouting lips, and he wears his hair in large curls characteristic of that period. The extended earlobes remind viewers of the great wealth the Buddha gave up.

Kamphaeng Phet is one province of Thailand, located in the north of the country, neighboring Sukhothai province. Kamphaeng Phet was already a royal city of the Sukhothai kingdom in the 14th century, then known under its old name Chakangrao. It formed an important part of the defence system of the kingdom, especially against the attacks of the Burmese. The word Kamphaeng means wall, and the word Phet from Sanskrit Vajra meaning diamond (or weapon of Indra). Hence the name of the province literally means Diamond Wall, certainly related to its efficiency in protecting the kingdom.

Thai artists used the lost wax or cire perdue method to cast the image. The image would be modeled in wax by the sculptor. The molten metal would be poured into the mold and allowed to cool. The mold was broken away, the casting flues were cut off, and any flaws in the surface were filled.

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