Sitting Buddha in Bronze

This Ayuthaya Buddha displays the gesture of Subduing Mara in the sitting position: Bhumisparsa Mudra: The left hand lies in the lap, palm upward. The right hand bends over the right knee, with fingers slightly touching the ground.

During meditation, Siddhartha was subjected to numerous temptations,  many posed by the evil Mara, who bombarded him with his demons , monsters, violent storms as well as his three seductive daughters.

The Buddha remained steadfast.

Sitting Buddha in bronze

Then to testify to Mara of his meritorious past, he points to the earth with his hand and calls upon the Earth Goddess. Thorani, the Earth Goddess rises from the ground and wrings the water from her long black hair, and by this action raises a torrential flood that drowns Mara and his army of demons.

This gesture symbolizes enlightenment, as well as steadfastness (imperturbability).

Sitting Buddha in bronze

The head features small curls. The ushnisha (prominent bump on the top of Buddha’s head) is in the shape of a lotus bud. the eyes are cast (not inlaid as often is the case with images of the Ayutthaya period), the robe is draped in the open mode with a long flap over the left shoulder ending above the navel.

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