Ref. Number: 1046

Country: Thailand

Period: 19-20th Cent.

Material: Wood

Dimension: 9 x 6.6 cm

Thai wooden carved seal

Wooden seal carved in the shape of stupa, from Thailand.

The stupa is mound-shaped structure and the base is round with a slight flare on the bottom. On the top of the dome, it has 3 tiers of spiral and is crowned by a lotus flower.

Thai wooden carved seal

The seal represents an important procession, shown by the seven-tiered royal umbrella. 3 personages are depicted here, one on the ornamented palanquin above all the others, in traditional dress and armed (his saber appearing from behind his back), leading us to think that he is the official guest of the procession, maybe a prince. He is represented as kindly due to the fact he is addressing to one who could be the driver of the palanquin as he is close to the horses. Both of them are behind a third man, carrying what seems to be a kind of flag, legs flexed, as in a dancing position. This last man could be the announcer of the procession, running in advance of the procession to announce the arrival of this important person.

Thai wooden seal

A stupa, know has chedi in Thailand, is a Buddhist monument to enshrine relics of the Buddha or his disciples. These seals were used in the old days, but very rare are the ones in wood that survived in good condition such as this one.

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