Miao Hats

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Country: China

Miao Hat

Miao Hat

Miao people are from one of the largest ethnic minorities in southwest China. They live across many provinces including Guizhou, Yunnan, Hunan and Sichuan. The Miao are known for their elaborate embroidery and exquisite work with silver. They have a very colorful history, much like their stunning embroidery.

The Miao people actually had no written form of history up until recently. They used characters and symbols embroidered on their clothes to tell stories, legends and parts of their history. That is why their embroidery is so stunning and detailed.

The tradition of wearing silver is preserved by a great number of craftsmen, scattered through the Miao villages. Most of the silver accessories are made by hands in a traditional way. A silver head-piece takes a couple of months to finish. In some villages, every male is trained in silver-work. Each ornament is an exquisite work of art and sparkles with the wisdom of the Miao people. The fancy Miao silver accessories include silver hat, silver horns, silver comb, silver ear-rings, neckband, necklace, bracelet, etc.

Miao Hat

Miao Hat

When a girl was born in a Miao family, her parents make it a point to save on food and expenses for a complete set of silver jewellery for her. The set, 15kg in total weight, includes crown, horns, earrings, neckband, chest plaque, clothing ornament, waistband, and bracelets.

It takes more than one hour for a young woman to put the entire kit on and finish her makeup. The Miao people’s penchant for silver jewellery stems from their love of beauty, wealth and dignity.

The color of silver symbolizes the Miao people’s character of fearing no tyranny and being impervious to temptation of wealth and position. It is also said that wearing silver jewellery helps keep evil at bay. Silver jewellery can also be used as a symbol of a person’s marital status or as a betrothal gift.

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